sketch of old furniture ready for recycling
old wood ready for recycling

At WOOMETRY all objects are made of 100% recycled wood that is rescued from the street and given a second life.


When renovating their homes, lots of people throw away furniture and door frames without understanding its potential. Usually these are left in the street and then get picked up by city services for going to waste. WOOMETRY saves them from being destroyed and, after processing and treating them with care, reshapes them into new and beautiful objects. As a result, WOOMETRY avoids using new materials and adding more waste, as well as saving a lot of water, reducing CO2 emissions and avoids contributing to the rise in tree cutting worldwide.


Looking for minimizing its ecological footprint, WOOMETRY has reduced its waste production to the minimum. The little waste we produced, gets sorted out for recycling. We even use the leftovers from bigger projects to create smaller objects such as hangers and logos. We also do not use plastic or new packages to ship our products. We collect and reuse discarded cardboard for creating the package where your product will be shipped in.


Due to using these recycled wood from different provenance, different pieces of the same model will come in slightly different shades and colors. That’s also what makes your piece unique!

We try to do as much work as possible in our small and local carpentry, but we also  optimize some processes of our production by including CNC and Laser Cu.


For us It's important to keep all the production locally so that we keep our carbon trace low. We also like to know everyone involved in the process and communicate with them directly in order to be sure that the working conditions are ethical and decent.

collecting wood for recycling
preparing cardboard for second use
woometry logo sketch-01.png

To deliver goods in Portugal, we use land-based transportation. If available we will always choose delivering companies that provide services using electric cars.


To deliver goods to other countries, we use land-based transportation whenever possible, which is the case with many European countries. Yes, it takes a few more days for the parcel to arrive, but we believe that slow living is not only about giving up extra things, but also about being ready to wait for your order a bit longer to reduce air emissions.