work process at sustainable creative studio


surfboard collaboration with surface made from recycled wood

Collaboration project with Ondanova surfboards. The goal was to create a surfboard from recycled wood, using the capabilities of Laser cut and CNC.

As the main pattern, fish scales were chosen as an association with the sea. The wood was prepared in thin lamellas from different shades of wood, with various directions of the fibers and then was cut with a laser.

To avoid cumulative error, specially designed ruler-template was used to glue precisely every piece one by one to the surface and then transferred to the skeleton of the board, shaped and processed.

cutting details for surfboard made from reclycled wood
finishing surfboard made from reclycled wood
surfboard made from reclycled wood

If you want to order one for yourself, please, send us an email indicating your weight and height, so we can consider your parameters in design process and prepare a budget.

The lead time for making a surfboard is 4-8 weeks, 50% deposit is required.