We decided to create some small affordable functional objects that could make your home more comfortable and cozy.

We started with incense holders just because we wanted to buy one for ourselves but couldn’t find the perfect one, thus we design our own. There are 4 types of shape for now and only one function, but there definitely more things to come.

The production of each incense holder begins with the preparation and processing of recycled wood into wooden planks. For this we clean old wood from nails and debris, remove paint and make sure that all the sides of the wooden piece are straight and have the thickness that we need.

We use CNC to give desired shape to the object and later by hands sanding the edges of the object, polish both sides and drill a hole for an incense stick. Then we apply natural danish oil that reveals the texture of wood and helps to protect it from external factors. After complete absorption it is packed in a specially designed box, that is cut by laser from second-use cardboard.

Please, notice that because we don’t use new materials, different pieces of the same model can be varied in shades.