In this project, the space we worked with had a total of 250 square meters, but at the same time it had to be used by a team of only 10-15 people, so the main challenge was to make a convenient zoning of the space and create coziness without any kind of pretentious design.

The main request of the customer was to create an office without an office atmosphere, as well as to have a large common working table, a play area, a dining area, a meeting room, create several secluded workplaces and at the same time save most of the free space in order to play ball or fooling around in between work.

The main space has panoramic windows overlooking the city, so it was important for us to take into account the exterior when developing the design and we payed special attention to the shades and colours of the facades of the buildings around and took view points into account when planning space scenarios. Mostly among the shades, the colour of old red bricks prevailed, which set the tone for the entire interior.


Custom tables and a system of partitions was developed and manufactured, which played an important role in the zoning of the space.

In total, 4 months were spent on the design and implementation of the project.

Team: Kate Bombony, Mike Beck
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Year: 2020