panels made from recycled wood



Cam on, which means “thank you” in vietnamese, is a street food container, which is a part of a big outdoor street food market in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The concept was inspired by vietnamese rural house coziness and is meant to be a place to escape from the office for a lunch brake, an oasis of comfort in the middle of the big city, with calm, simple and welcoming atmosphere.


Our team we developed the whole concept: naming and brand identity, graphic and interior design. We were limited in time and budget and built the whole project from the scratch just in 3 months.

Since the food market has common outdoor seats, was decided to just make some inner space for people to order food, but also leave an opportunity for one or two persons to seat inside or keep the tray on the bar table. All the kitchen configuration was designed and agreed with the chef and takes 70% of the space of the container.


All the aesthetics and colours of the interior were inspired by Vietnamese landscapes and traditional vietnamese rural lifestyle. For the branding and graphic design part visual language is based on vietnamese vernacular typography and four basic dishes from the café`s menu: soup pho, noodles, snacks and shrimp.

Team: Kate Bombony, Micke Beck, Liuba Beck.
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Year: 2020

Behance of graphic design