Estrada nacional 10, Km 135.2, Qta da Senhora da Rocha, Arm A36
2690-495 Santa Iria de Azoia, Portugal

+351 935 352 927 - Kate

For shops, distributors, architects and interior designers, we provide special conditions for cooperation.

contact of creative studio
contact os creative studio

For more information and enquires about our creative sustainble carpentry or our wooden wall art panels, please feel free to hit us with an email at

At WOOMETRY we are committed to help promoting products and ideas that we identify with. So if you want to send us a product for promotional purposes you can use the address above. If we find it interesting and relevant we will be glad to share it with our audience through social media!


Please note that mail coming from outside the European Union is subject to custom taxes when arriving in Portugal and we won’t be able to cover the costs. Make sure to write us first and send a photo of the shipping document that includes the content value + shipping. When it arrives to Portuguese customs the fee will be issued and you will get contacted by WOOMETRY to pay for that value via Paypal. Once the transfer is complete, we will get the package. Note that if you don’t transfer that customs tax amount, we won’t be able to get the package.

This applies to any object valued over $20. If it is just a letter and stickers or such, none of this applies.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.