WOOMETRY is sustainable creative carpentry which is focused on producing design objects from recycled wood.

sustainable creative studio workflow


The main product that sets us apart on the market are wooden panels, which are based on the use of a module and an isometric grid. Thanks to this, a unique visual language is created by summoning a three-dimensional feeling on a plane surface, that attracts attention and makes you wander and explore with your mind the volumes it represents.

We also developed a series of small functional objects that have a simple geometric shapes that will bring comfort to your home or will be a good gift for your beloved friends.

Every product is made from 100% recycled wood and packed in a box, that is specially designed for each product and made from second use cardboard.


For those who enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things, seek for comfortable home, interested in art, fond of design, cares about tomorrow and sustainability.


... you do not just acquire an attractive thing to hang on a wall or put on a table, you will be supporting a new life of the once-sawn tree, spreading the use of recycled materials in art/design industries, and helping to decrease the fast and unconscious consumption, shaping a better world.


To make sense of things that were thrown out on the street and trees that were cut to produce them, to use the maximum of the potential of the material and give a second life to it.

To show others artists and woodworkers that there is a way to use recycled material in their work and make something out of nothing. To encourage them to produce only well-thought long-lasting/timeless objects, minimize waste and be responsible for a footprint of their activity.

To reshape the way people consume and what they buy, raising value of slow detailed work, and hand-crafted objects.


WOOMETRY carpentry was founded in March 2018 in Lisbon by the couple made by architect Kate Bombony and woodworker Mike Beck and focused on the production of decorative panels and surfaces from recycled wood.

Since January 2020 the carpentry took a step forward to the use of technologies and partial automation of production processes in its activities, and thus could focus more on recycling and sustainability, which has become the main focus of the carpentry.

From that moment on all the materials for both products and packages started to be produced from 100% recycled wood and second-use cardboard. Nevertheless, the assembly and final touch of each product and package is always carried out manually by team members.

In June 2020 the carpentry was expanded and Diogo Vasconcelos joined THE TEAM...


co-founder, woodworker

sustainable creative studio member

Mike draws horrible sketches which helps him to build beautiful objects and always comes up with different solutions to improve the production process. He learned woodworking by watching YouTube videos and, to put that knowledge into practice, he pretended to be a student at the university where Kate studied that he could use the workshops.


co-founder, principal designer, content creator

sustainable creative studio member

Kate is fond of aesthetics with a meaning, bases all decisions on logic and concepts and loves to collect objects of unusual shapes and textures. She has a good sensibility for composition and knows how to combine colors well. She is terribly afraid of saws and always looks away at the moment when Mike is cutting something.


designer, PR, communication

sustainable creative studio member

Diogo is a person who brings order to the chaos of the carpentry workflow. A supplier of good music in our workspace, he complements the project vision and helps a lot into decision making. He cares about graphic design and privileges an approach that tends to be disruptive, provocative and funny. He's the proud father of a dog, a cat and a lizard who he loves all indiscriminately. He still has 10 fingers.


The carpentry is located in Santa Iria de Azoia in one of the spaces of the former MEC factory.Despite remoteness from the center of Lisbon, the guests are always welcomed. Therefore, if you want to meet us and visit our carpentry, you can always book a visit via button below.


We are always looking for wood to recycle, so if you see discarded wood, somewhere in the street, or if you're planning to throw away some wooden doors or furniture, please contact us via Whatsapp, Instagram direct or via email at wooometry@gmail.com and we will come to grab it and give it a second life.